My knives are made from high carbon steels, to include:  1084, 1095, Cru Forge V (a steel specifically designed for forging into knife blades), 80CRV2 and Wootz high carbon steels;  W-2 or 0-1 tool steels or high carbon damascus steels-primaily 1084/15N20, 1095/15N20 or 52100/5160/203E/15N20.    The exact steel type is indicated for each knife.  All blades are differentially quenched in oil--hardening the edge to help retain sharpness and leaving the spine "soft" to be more flexible.

  The blades are forged, filed and finished by hand, as are the handles, with a minimal use of power equipment.  To help improve the balance and strength of the knife, a taper is forged into all tangs.  Each step in the making of your knife, including the heat treatment, is done in house.

   The knives are all one of a kind, since they are made by hand without a template.  Similar designs can by made, if requested.

  Several materials are used to form the handles, these include, but are not limited to: various woods (usually stabilized- a process that penetrates the wood with monomers and acrylics using a vacuum and pressure to make it more resistant to the effects of heat and moisture), antler, bone, birch bark, leather, horn, fossilized mammoth tooth and mammoth ivory, Micarta, G10 and various metals. The handle material is affixed to the tang with Acraglas and peened pins.   

  Each knives come with a handcrafted leather sheath made specifically for that particular knife by Bud Siniard, leathersmith at Upland Leather in Watkinsville, Georgia.

  The knives are guaranteed for normal and non-abusive use (ie, for their intended purpose--cutting), and will be repaired or replaced if any problem arise as the result of such use (owner of knife is responsible for transport to and from forge) as long as the forge is operational.