I became a knifemaker as the direct result of an horrendous car accident that nearly ended my life.  In 1986, I came to Athens, Georgia to practice Orthopedic surgery specializing in trauma.  I loved my work for 22 years and had never imagined doing anything else.  On July 24, 2008, I was driving home in my car when a tractor trailer truck turned into the driver’s side of my car and hit me head on.   What followed was a grueling year and a half of surgeries, recoveries and learning to walk again only to find that I was unable to return to the work I loved.   I then faced the task of finding something new to fill my days. 

   I struggled for some time before I found my footing.  Having always admired the craftsmanship that is involved in making knives and having collected knives for years, I decided I would try to make a knife and see if I could do something with my hands again.  After a search of my area, I had the opportunity to meet and learn from John Costa whose forge was only a block from my house.  John was my first teacher and remains my friend to this day.  Bladesmithing is something I look forward to practicing every day.  I love the entire process of knife making from forging the blade on the anvil to the hand finishing work on the blade and handle.  As it turned out, knifemaking turned out to be the perfect "therapy" for me---it keeps my mind still and my hands busy.  All of my knives are forged, filed, sanded and finished by hand with minimal use of power equipment.  I strive to make an excellent quality working knife that feels good in the hand, is pleasing to the eye and is made to last a lifetime or more.


Daniel Moye 

Member Georgia Custom Knifemakers' Guild                                           

Apprentice, American Bladesmithing Society